Striving to create a better tomorrow and a prosperous future, Kolmar Korea will be the partner for your happy future.

Delivering happiness
with healthy beauty
“We deliver happiness with healthy beauty.”
I would like to show my gratitude for showing your interest in and love to Kolmar Korea. Based on the belief that we must deliver happiness with healthy beauty, Kolmar Korea walked its own path step by step.

After the establishment in 1990, Kolmar Korea was the first in the industry to introduce an ODM business model, and has been serving as a strong successful partner of various customer brands to this day.

In particular, Kolmar Korea is recently focusing on developing its own research capacity to lead the future beauty industry with sustainable beauty.

Kolmar Korea promises to fulfill its social responsibilities through its technical prowess, corporate transparency and high business ethics.

Kolmar Korea’s top-priority value is to demonstrate customer love that makes progress along with customers.

As a partner that proposes a healthy vision to customers who dream of a beautiful future, Kolmar Korea will lead the way to deliver healthy beauty to the world.

Thank you.