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    Kolmar Korea collects and uses the personal information of those submitting a business inquiry as follows.
    The collected personal information will be protected in accordance with ‘Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc.’ and with the other applicable legislations.

    - Purpose of Usage and Collection : Personal information are collected to provide responses to business inquiries and to secure active communication routes

    - Collection Items : Name, e-mail, phone number, business experience, product classification, place of production, place of sale, and distribution channel

    - Retention Period of Personal Information : Once the purpose of usage and collection is achieved, the collected information will be immediately disposed of in a way allowing no reproduction of the involved personal information.
    However, in the case where it is necessary to retain that personal information in accordance with the applicable legislation, that personal information will be retained for the amount of time specified in the applicable legislation.