Kolmar Korea continuously challenges to develop new technologies to become a world-first-class R&D manufacturing company.

Technical prowess is not only the core driver of 30 years of continuous progress made by Kolmar Korea, but also the steppingstone that allows Kolmar Korea to become the global No. 1 platform service company.
We secure the industry’s greatest R&D investments and research personnel, but also demonstrate new technologies that never existed before in diversified research spaces consisting of state-of-the-art utilities.

  • Top-level R&D investments and personnel in the cosmetics industry in Korea

  • Ratio of self-conducted R&D

  • Patent, Utility model, Design Top-level patent registration rate per researcher in the global ODM industry

    • Manufacturing
      • 581 application
      • 332 registration
    • Utiliy model, Design
      • 60 application
      • 40 registration
    • Design
      • 472 application
      • 422 registration
  • No. of cases of licensed functional cosmetic products.