Striving to create a better tomorrow and a prosperous future, Kolmar Korea will be the partner for your happy future.

Corporate Identity


Kolmar’s new logo contains the message that HK Kolmar Group will continue to develop our customer’s vision by connecting people, technologies, and opportunities through the platform service created based on HK Kolmar Group’s exclusive R&D and innovation.


‘HK,’ the motive of the logo, represents the heritage passed down from ‘Kolmar Korea’ the parent company, and ‘connection,’ ‘innovation’ and ‘door’ are used as the keywords to design a more progressive and professional image. The dynamic diagonal line and innovation blue color symbolize the image of a company pursuing reliability and innovation.

Color Identity

  • #276EF1 PMS 2174C
    C95. M43. Y0. K0
    R39. G110. B241
  • #FFFFFF PMS White
    C0. M0. Y0. K0
    R255. G255. B255
  • #000073 PMS 280C
    C100. M100. Y0. K50
    R0. G0. B90
  • #DADCE0 PMS Cool Gray 1
    C3. M0. Y0. K15
    R218. G220. B224
  • #000000 PMS BlackC
    C0. M0. Y0. K100
    R0. G0. B0
  • #9FA0A0 PMS 877C
    C0. M0. Y0. K50
    R160. G160. B160