We use our best endeavors to contribute to human life and health based on the belief that we must make progress in our society.


We comply with the environmental and safety/health management system to become the world-first-class R&D/manufacturing company.

Environmental & Safety/Health Management Policy

  • Prevention of Environmental and Safety/Health Risks
    Safe and healthy working conditions shall be provided through recognizing, removing and preventing the environmental impacts and safety/health risk factors in advance.
  • Regulatory/Legal Compliance
    This company shall comply with the regulations and rules specified in the national/international environmental and safety/health laws, specified in the international agreements, and set by the relevant local governments.
  • Efforts to reduce environmental pollutants and respond to climate changes
    This company shall make efforts and continuous improvements to reduce the waste generation amount and air pollutant discharge amount.
    In addition, in response to climate changes, we shall conduct continuous monitoring and reduction activities to reduce green-house gases.
  • Prevention of Accidents
    This company shall make efforts and continuous improvements to prevent accidents such as musculoskeletal diseases, fire, explosion, and collision/stenosis.
  • Reinforcement of Education/Training
    The periodic training, special safety training and mock training shall be conducted on a periodic basis, and the performance shall be evaluated through the internal audit process.
  • Development of Trust with Concerned Parties
    This company shall disclose this policy to the concerned parties and shall recommend and induce this company’s partner companies to pursue environment-friendly corporate management and safety/health management.

Environmental and Safety/Health Goals

Division Goals Promotion history
Environment Decrease in environmental pollutant discharge rate by 3% Operation/maintenance of water/air pollutant prevention facilities, monitoring of environmental pollutants, reduction of process wastewater, periodic inspection of discharge facilities and production utilities, and expansion of water recycling
Increase in waste recycling rate by 3% Habituation of waste separation(education/campaign), and expansion of waste recycling processing
Decrease in green-house gas discharge rate by 3% Decreased use of electricity
- Replacement of in-house fluorescent lamps with LED lamps
- Encouragement of power-saving campaign
- reduced use of LNG
- Minimization of boiler operating hours
Safety and Health Achievement of 0% occupational disease rate Provision of counseling for worker health care, management of musculoskeletal diseases, execution of general/special medical examinations, execution of working environment measurement, provision of job stress counseling, and preventive control of infectious diseases
Improvement of risk factors in workplace Execution of risk evaluation(regular/irregular), periodic safety inspection and improvement of workplace (identification of potential risk factors)
Achievement of a contract/subcontract accident rate below 0.5(in-house standard) (Goal in 2021 : 10% reduction compared to the previous year) Operation of consultative group, walk-around inspection of workshop, joint safety/health inspection, reinforcement of supervisor capacity, computerization of written operation permission, and reinforcement of industrial safety/health training