Kolmar Korea continuously challenges to develop new technologies to become a world-first-class R&D manufacturing company.

Our world-class researchers use the best endeavors
to bring about technological innovation as well as to develop creative products.

Kolmar Korea’s R&D Complex is the world’s first R&D cluster that integrated the cosmetics/pharmaceuticals/ health supplements research institutes.
It provides support for all the R&D processes required for product development ranging from formulation to material research to fragrant materials to package research.

  • Skin Care R&D Lab.
    Kolmar Korea’s technical prowess serving as the basis for various home/overseas cosmetic brands starts from our Skin Care R&D Lab.
    Our best research team studies the fundamentals of beauty and constructs a rigid base for skin health.
    Kolmar Korea secured product competitiveness.
  • Make-up Lab.
    In our Make-up Lab.reaching around the world, researchers with expertise in skin texture and tone are gathered to develop cosmetic products of excellent quality such as base makeup, point makeup and sun care products.
  • Convergence Technology Lab.
    Our researchers with excellent creativity and expertise in each field promote technological innovation through diverse technological synergy effects. We create the new values of a new era through creative fusion and creative thinking that surpass the pre-existing framework.
  • Skin & Natural Products Lab.
    We research core technologies that add value to precious living resources provided by nature. We develop higher value-added materials based on the natural-product-driven ingredients and efficacy researches and secure product safety through skin clinical trials and various tests to provide reliable products to consumers.
  • Biome Lab.
    Our Biome Lab. at the center of future promising new growth power discovers innovative biomaterials and builds platform technologies, and, thereby, develops future fundamental technology applicable to the development of in-house cosmetics, health supplements and pharmaceuticals.
  • Health Food Lab.
    Our Health Food Lab. holds high-level formulation technologies and packaging technologies as source technologies, and develops customized products for customers. It leads technical innovation with its passion for the research and development of new functional formulations.
  • Perfumery Lab.
    This is a sensitive research center that enhances the value of products by breathing spirit and life into products with charming fragrance. Our best Perfumery Lab. researchers with a delicate sense develop and research fragrances applicable to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health supplements in a way providing customers with satisfaction.
  • Package Studio
    Our experts in fields ranging from design to container development and packaging material consulting provide package total solutions that contain the healthy beauty of customers.