We use our best endeavors to contribute to human life and health based on the belief that we must make progress in our society.

3 Directions of Social Contribution by Kolmar Korea

Provision of support for underprivileged·vulnerable social group

“We play our part to contribute to our society by providing warm-heartedness to many aspects of our society.”
To allow the vulnerable social group children, joint living household children and unwed single-parent families to be positioned as healthy member of our society, Kolmar Korea promises to take a step closer and to reach out once more.
  • Provision of dream start program (Sejong City, Chungbuk Cheongju City/Eumseong-gun, Gyeonggi Becheon, etc.)
  • Support for joint living household(group home) children (in cooperation with Korea Council of Group Home for Children and Youth)
  • Support for unwed single-parent families (in cooperation with Holt Children’s Services)
  • Volunteer activities including visits to elderly care centers (Seoul City, Sejoing City, etc.)

Support for health future growth

“Our society’s health future growth begins from active education and career exploration.”
To provide support for the active education and health growth of the future generation in a way allowing such generation to expand the scope of career and occupation, and to provide support for the researchers making contributions to health human health, Kolmar Korea will continue to provide support through its exclusive far-sighted program and foresight.
  • Support for vocational training for protected juveniles in correctional institutions (in cooperation with Cheongju Training School)
  • Support for life science talent cultivation and research (in cooperation with Women’s Bioscience Forum)
  • Provision of education program to small-/medium-sized companies (operated by Win-Win Dream Academy)
  • Provision of tuition for college students and support for history research (operated by Seokoh Culture Foundation)
  • Operation of Yi Sun-sin School and of Project of Making the Critical Editions of YiChoongmugong Compendium (operated by Seoul Yeohae)

Establishment of family-friendly and socially contributing culture

“We pursue an equal society where the both genders are treated without distinction, and we establish a socially contributing culture.”
We will actively participate and provide support to establish a family-friendly culture that allows work and family, including childbirth and rearing, to co-exist, and we will make efforts to maintain our culture and the health of the citizens.
  • Establishment and execution of in-house family-friendly program, and promotion of certification of family-friendly company (supervised by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family)
  • Untact KIT socially contributing activities (in cooperation with The Promise)
  • Environment preservation activities according to forest management, and environment purification activities in communities surrounding the workplace
  • History and culture preservation activities through donation of national-treasure-level Goryeo buddhist painting ‘Avalokitesvara with Willow Branch’
  • Provision of disinfection products for prevention of spread of COVID-19 infections