We use our best endeavors to contribute to human life and health based on the belief that we must make progress in our society.

What is ethical management

Ethical management refers to corporate management aimed at improving management transparency, fulfilling social responsibilities, and being trusted by and pursuing co-existing with all stakeholders such as customers, partners and stockholders.

Code of Ethics

  1. Provision of Reliable Products
    We, as Kolmar people, must create our own organizational culture that other companies cannot imitate, must make continuous efforts and conduct research to achieve customer satisfaction, and must equip ourselves with product competitiveness that secures differentiated quality. We must pursue the 『quality』 and 『safety』 of products as the top-priority customer values, and we must continue to gain and maintain trust that ‘products produced by Kolmar are reliable’ through the products and services that we provide.
    Fair Competition and Marketing
    We, as Kolmar people, must not take actions that conflicts with the 『principle』 and 『right path』 and must not take actions that disturb commercial transaction order just to pursue a short-term increase in sales or immediate benefits in the process of conducting sales and marketing activities. We must perform our tasks based on our belief that ‘customer trust is life’. The marketing and promotion materials must be manufactured/distributed based on the characteristics and efficacy of products based on facts, and no falsified/exaggerated information must be provided to customers.
    Protection of Customer Information
    Since damages resulting from personal information leakage are rapidly increasing due to the development of IT technology, a failure to properly retain our customer information will cause damage to our customers, and we will not only be held legally responsible, but also end up tearing down the trust relation developed between us and our customers. We, as Kolmar people, must comply with the legislations relating to the personal information of our customers, and must control our customer information in accordance with the standards at least equivalent to those applicable to our confidential information.
  2. Impartial and Fair Job Performance
    We, as Kolmar people, must mutually respect each other and protect basic ethics, must provide all with an impartial opportunity without bias, without pressure and without illegal distinction, and must make efforts to demonstrate the potential of all members to the utmost extent possible through fair job performance. Kolmar Korea and our executives/employees will establish an organizational culture that encourages our executives/employees to think creatively and act autonomously.
    Mutual Respect between Executives/Employees
    We, as Kolmar people, are fellow travelers who keep pace of the ox to slowly but surely approach our goals, and our executives/employees are important family members who mutually respect one another. We must practice good manners at work, must avoid using words or taking actions that make us lose the dignity of our colleagues or community, and must not establish a threatening, insulting or unpleasant working environment.
    Gender Equality and Prohibition of Sexual Harassment
    We, as Kolmar people, must acknowledge and respect the dignity, values and human rights as human beings, must treat genders equally without distinction in terms of the recruitment, work performance and promotion of our executives/employees, must be aware of the qualifications and rights to be treated equally, must make efforts to set up the gender equality culture, must be aware that acts of sexual harassment such as sexually provocative or inappropriate words and actions are strictly prohibited at all times, must comply with all the legislations relating to gender equality and prohibition of sexual harassment, and must make efforts with the company to create a sound workplace culture.
    Safe and Healthy Working Environment
    We, as Kolmar people, must be faithful to the basic principles in the process of conducting all business activities such as R&D, purchase, production and sales based on the belief that safety, health and environment can never be overemphasized, and must strictly comply with the legislations relating to safety, health and environment. The company must use the best endeavors to not only provide the executives/employees and all the stakeholders such as partner companies with a safe and sound working environment, but also prevent negligent accidents and environmental accidents.
    Protection of Asset and Intellectual Property Rights
    We, as Kolmar people, must be well aware that our company properties are the fundamental resources required for us to survive and prosper, and that the value of our company properties can be properly demonstrated when they are appropriately used by drawing a distinct line between public and private matters. In particular, our intellectual property rights, confidential information and important information serving as the output of our efforts made are the important properties that we require to survive in the fierce competition, we must active protect and control such rights and information in a way preventing them from disclosed to the outside without prior permission or legitimate procedures.
    Prevention of Information Leakage
    The development of digital and IT technologies made our working environment more convenient, but since there is a greater risk of leakage of our company information, it is required to proceed with caution when using digital and IT equipment. We, as Kolmar people, must proceed with caution when using IT equipment, must appropriately use such equipment where its use is necessary in terms of work, and must strictly comply with the company policies relating to information protection to prevent causing information leakage.
  3. Strict Compliance with Fair Trade Act
    We and our partner companies, as partners who work together towards the same goal based on the spirit of co-existence, must consider mutual trust very important, and such trust is only developed on the basis of mutually fair transactions. We, as Kolmar people, must strictly comply with Fair Trade Act in doing business with our partner companies, and must establish a fair co-existence culture based on mutual trust and respect.
    Pursuit of Fair Free Competition
    As the competition among companies becomes fierce to provide valuable products and services that customers can be satisfied with, Kolmar must fairly participate in such unavoidable competition as well. We, as Kolmar people, must not compete using unjust methods such as foul plays deviating from the applicable legislations or general knowledge, and must continue to improve our skills and capacity through fair and well-intentioned free competition.
    Prohibition of Corruption and Improper Request
    We, as Kolmar people, must fairly and transparently process the tasks when doing business with the partner companies and stakeholders, must not make unjust profits, and must not provide or be provided with inappropriate money, valuables, treats, receptions or non-financial benefits. Such principle must be applied to all the countries in which we work, and we must comply with the corruption prevention legislations set in the relevant countries.
    Legitimate and Fair Information Collection
    It may be required to collect information about our rival companies for sustainable management and customer value creation. However, even in such case, we, as Kolmar people, must collect information using legitimate and just methods such as disclosed data and analysis reports prepared by professional institutions. When we all respect the market/economic order in accordance with the principle of free competition and compete fairly as we maintain mutual trust, it will be possible to demonstrate sustainable growth.
  4. Enhancement of Mid-/Long-term Stockholder Value
    We, as Kolmar people, must continue to conduct R&D and innovation activities to create products that demonstrate differentiated competitiveness within the core business portfolio in the cosmetics, health supplements and pharmaceuticals industries, must cultivate new growth engines to enhance the mid-/long-term stockholder value, must construct an effective internal control system and continue to conduct monitoring and improvement activities to pursue sustainable management, and must use the best endeavors to construct a trusting relationship without stockholders.
    Prevention of Conflict of Interest
    We, as Kolmar people, must avoid actions and relations that cause a conflict between personal benefit and company benefit in the process of performing tasks, and, in the case where there is a conflict between the two, must take actions by pursuing the benefit of the stakeholders such as the company and stockholders as the top priority. In the case where there is a change of causing a conflict of interest with the company, we must have that issue disclosed to and approved by the company to prevent personal benefits from interfering with rational decisions.
    Enhancement of Transparency of Accounting Information
    We, as Kolmar people, must transparently and accurately record/store the business-related transaction details at the time of occurrence in accordance with the certified accounting standards, and must record falsified data under no circumstances. Accurately announcing important management circumstances without hiding anything is an essential factor when it comes to maintaining trust with the stockholders and stakeholders and protecting the company.
    Prohibition of Illegal Use of Inside Information
    Personally using undisclosed information or internal information or providing such information to one’s family members or close friends to gain personal profits is strictly prohibited by law, and those violating such law will be held civilly and criminally liable. We, as Kolmar people, must never use undisclosed information and internal information to provide oneself or one’s family members or close friends with unfair profits.
  5. Joint Environmental Production
    We, as Kolmar people, must be well aware that the environment is a target to be permanently preserved by humankind and that we live in an era where companies not considering the environment can neither make continuous progress nor survive, and must do business in an environment-friendly way,, must protect the environment even from small harms, must waste no resources, and must use the best endeavors to protect the clean natural environment.
    Continuation of Socially Contributing Activities
    We, as Kolmar people and as member of our society, must sincerely fulfill the roles and responsibilities required by our society, must respect the cultures and values of the surrounding community, and must utilize our capacity and resources to steadily conduct socially contributing activities. We must practice sharing, one of the core values of Kolmar, as we make contributions to developing a beautify society.
    Respect for Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
    We, as Kolmar people, must have mutual respect for human rights serving as the value of dignity given to all people, must make efforts to demonstrate our potentials without bias, without pressure and without unjust distinction, and, since the cultures, traditions and customs vary depending on the country/region, must acknowledge the local values and customs to the utmost extent possible, and must accept diverse cultures and opinions with open-mindedness as we establish an open organizational culture.
    Maintenance of Political Neutrality
    We, as Kolmar people, are not restrained from expressing personal opinions on political issues. However, we must proceed with caution to avoid personal opinions and comments from being considered representing the company. The company does not become directly/indirectly involved in politics, and pursues political neutrality. No political activities are allowed within the workplace, and the company provides neither illegal political donations nor conveniences.