From product planning to development and to marketing solutions, Kolmar Korea promises to serve as the connecting platform.

Total Solution Process

Kolmar Korea plans, develops and produces products by having insight into the market trends.
Once a product request is made by a customer, until that product is developed, manufactured/produced and released, the relevant departments such as sales headquarters and research centers cooperate in three dimensions to realize the needs of that customer.

ODM Total Consulting

Marketing Principle

Kolmar Korea not only plans, develops and produces products, but also provides active support for customers’ marketing activities.
Kolmar Korea contributes to the growth of our clients based on our customizing strategy specific to diverse needs of our clients.

Marketing Principle

  • Principle of 1 Prescription to 1 Company

    Kolmar Korea provides each prescription to only 1 customer and does not share each prescription with various customers.

  • Principle of Secrecy

    Kolmar Korea values trust and protects corporate information, prescription and other trade secrets of clients.

  • Principle of Technology Independency

    Kolmar Korea provides know-how and independent technological information consisting of its R&D capabilities such as prescription check factors.

Quality Control System

Kolmar Korea’s global No.1 technology results in quality competitiveness.
Kolmar Korea establishes global standards based on its 6-step QC system that conforms to the strict validation system used by various home/overseas institutions and brand companies.

6-step QC system

  1. Step 1
    Raw materials
    materials tests
  2. Step 2
    Raw material
    weighing and
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
    Bulk tests
  5. Step 5
    Filling and
  6. Step 6