Striving to create a better tomorrow and a prosperous future, Kolmar Korea will be the partner for your happy future.

Corporate Philosophy

Kolmar Korea focuses on people as an R&D company that leads new technology and is making efforts to become a company that fulfills its responsibilities for the health and beauty of humankind and ultimately contributes to a valuable life.

Human Management Human
In principle, Kolmar Korea pursues organic management that enhances the autonomy of our executives/employees.
Kolmar Korea provides active support to allow individual executives/employees to do what suits them best and what they do best.
Technology Management Technology
Kolmar Korea continuously challenges to develop new technologies to become a ‘world-first-class R&D manufacturing company’.
Value Management Value
Kolmar Korea leads by creating customer values. Because Kolmar Korea provides ODM total services, our customers’ success is Kolmar Korea’s success.
Responsibility Management Responsibility
Kolmar Korea creates a management environment that allows all to participate in the management activities with a sense of responsibility in each diversified business sector and have self-control in their performances.

Core Values – 4 Virtues and 5 Practices

These are the basic guidelines applied to Kolmar Korea and are the principles and beliefs that Kolmar people must keep in mind.