We use our best endeavors to contribute to human life and health based on the belief that we must make progress in our society.

Waste Water Management

Kolmar Korea discharges the waste pollutants resulting from the product production, research and development processes through operating the waste treatment process in compliance with the legal standards. In addition, Kolmar Korea minimizes the water pollutants through physically/chemically/biologically treating the waste water and makes efforts to prevent water pollution incidents.

Waste Management

Kolmar Korea legitimately processes the waste resulting from the product production, research and development processes, and increases the recycling rate of waste to minimize the incineration and landfill processes that result in pollutants. In addition, our executives/employees conduct in-house recycling activities to reduce the production cost and work area waste discharge amount.

Air Pollution Management

Kolmar Korea controls the air pollutants resulting from the product production, research and development process in compliance with the legal standards through operating the filter dust collectors and low NOx burners. In addition, Kolmar Korea conducts the air pollution prevention activities through periodically self-measuring pollutants and operating prevention facilities.

Response to Climate Changes

Kolmar Korea reduces and controls green-house gasses through saving and controlling the energy required to operate the product production, research and development processes.

Health Management

Kolmar Korea discovers risks and prevents and controls diseases that pose a threat to the health status of the Kolmar Korea workers and of the partner company workers stationed at Kolmar Korea, In addition to general health examinations, Kolmar Korea provides special health examinations that cover chemical factors, such as harmful substances, and physical factors, such as noise and dust. Kolmar Korea not only provides a follow-up, but also prevents and controls musculoskeletal diseases resulting from ergonomic factors such as unstable working posture, controls job stresses resulting from psychologically harmful factors, and evaluates and controls brain cardiovascular diseases rate to minimize the risk of metabolic diseases. As described above, Kolmar Korea makes efforts to minimize the disease risks experienced by our executives/employees as well as to improve the health status of our executives/employees. In addition, Kolmar Korea establishes an in-house health management culture through operating the health management room and allowing our executives/employees to receive health-related counseling and simple injury treatments at all times.

Safety Management

Kolmar Korea complies with the reinforced industry safety and health related legal matters such as Serious Accidents Punishment Act, and is promoting activities and plans to preemptively respond to such legal matters. In addition, by setting the safety management and accident prevention applied to all the executives/employees, partner companies and subcontractor companies working within Kolmar Korea’s workplace as the top priority tasks, Kolmar Korea operates the worker safety training, risk evaluation, industrial safety and health committee, subcontract-based work permit system, workplace periodic safety inspection(environment, machine, electricity, process, and firefighting), etc.. Kolmar Korea draws potential risk factors through the above processes and all the departments contribute to constructing a safe workplace through participating in the improvement activities.

Chemical Substance Control

Kolmar Korea complies with the reinforced legal matters such as Chemical Substance Control Act and Chemical Accident Prevention Plan, systematically responds to chemical substance control for worker health and safety purposes, and continuously conducts improvement activities through making investments. In addition, to prevent causing an impact on the people and environments surrounding the workplace, Kolmar Korea conducts the harmful chemical substance handling facility inspection and external impact evaluation audit to pursue the co-existence with the local residents and ecological environment.